Big Air

Big Air is the most popular discipline of DockDogs® and the oldest of the four disciplines. Big Air is nothing more than a long jump for dogs. In Big Air the dog is judged on the distance it can jump from the edge of the dock into the pool. The distance is measured to the point that the base of the dog’s tail breaks the plane of the water. It is the easiest and most beginner friendly of the four disciplines of DockDogs®. Dogs have the full 40ft the dock length to run and jump into the pool. The dog does not have to retrieve the toy in order to obtain a score. Dogs compete against dogs of similar ability based upon the average distance of their top five jumps. The divisions of competition are as follows:

Novice 0'0"-9'11"
Junior 10'0"-14'11"
Senior 15'0"-19'11"
Master 20'0"-22'11"
Elite 23'0"-24'11"
Super Elite 25' & above